Lawrence Busker Festival

Help A Busker Out

Help A Busker Out

As a Free community based event we are always looking for folks to help us out. Wanna be one of those kind of people? Here's a few ways to help us-

Buy our Stuff! We got tshirts and bumper stickers that proudly declare our motto "Don't Get Even Get ODD!". Make it your motto too.

Volunteer! Lend us your time and talents and we will put them to good use in supporting the festival. Lots of things to help with - from artist transportation to tshirt sales. We can guarantee you will have a good time doing it too!

Be a Vendor! You got something to sell? We got crowds of people who will buy it! For a small vending fee we can get you together with our wonderful patrons.

Donations! We are a non profit organization that can gratefully take your donationa and give you a tax deduction too. Go to our Donations page and give with a single click.

Sponsor our Event! Want to really help us (and help your business too!)? Become a Sponsor for a performer, a stage or a service that we offer. Lots of other businesses have discovered what a good thing the Busker Festival can do for their businesses, why don't you too?